OWV - Time Jackerz

I co-wrote the single "Time Jackerz" for the Japanese Boyband "OWV".


A selection of songs and projects I've been apart of writing. 

You can find all my songs in the Spotify Playlist below.


Artist: SF9 / Song: OK OK / Album: The Wave Of9

Released in 2022 on the mini-album "The Wave Of9" which entered at #1 on the Korean Physical Sales charts that day.

The album went on to sell more than 180 000 copies in 2022 alone. 

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OWV - Time Jackerz

Artist: OWV / Song: Time Jackerz 

Released as a single with a music Video 2022.

The song entered at number #3 on the Japan Single Sales Billboard chart with 46 000+ physical sales in the first week.

Watch the music video for "Time Jackerz" on Youtube

Akira Takano - ASAP

Artist: Akira Takano / Song: ASAP / Album: 2LDK

Released in 2022 as a single with a music video and later included on the album "2LDK.

The Single enterered at #7 on the Billboard Single Chart in Japan and the album at #8."

Watch the music video for "ASAP" on Youtube

lol- blaze

Artist: lol / Song: blaze 

Released in 2021 as a single with a music video.

The group performed the song all over Japan on the tours during 2021 and 2022.

Watch the music video for "blaze" on Youtube

NiziU - U

Artist: NiziU / Song: FESTA / Album: U

FESTA was the theme song for Universal Studio Japan's 20th year anniversary. Released in 2021 on the album "U".

The album was certified Platinum in Japan with over 250 000 Physical sales, and debuted at number one on the Billboard and Oricon charts.

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Artist: TVXQ! / Song: Crimson Saga / Album: XV

Released in 2019 on the album "XV". The album was certified 2x Gold with over 200 000 sales and debuted at #1 on the Billboard Japan and Oricon Charts.

The song was also included on the Live DVD of the "XV Tour" in 2021, and charted as #2 during the first week of release.

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Artist: OWV / Song: Time Jackerz / Album: JACK POT

The song "Time Jackerz" previosuly released as a single was re-released on the sophmore album by OWV in 2023.

The album entered at #2 on the Billboard Sales chart in Japan.

Listen to "Time Jackerz" on Spotify

NiziU - Burn it UP

Artist: NiziU / Song: FESTA / Bluray: Burn it UP, NiziU - Live with U

The song FESTA was included on the Live Show Bluray "Burn it UP" released by NiziU in 2023.

The Bluray entered at #1 on the Oricon Bluray Charts during the week of release 

Listen to "FESTA" on Spotify

About Jonathan B-T

Jonathan B-T is a Swedish singer and songwriter whose music has earned him both platinum and gold certifications, as well as two Billboard Number #1 placements, and have been apart of singles and albums that have sold over 1 000 000 physical copies worldwide. He has placements with artists such as NiziU, SF9, TVXQ!, OWV, Akira Takano, lol, CRAYON and more. 

He comes from a musical family in the south of Sweden, while still a child he began to perform and play concerts. In his teenage years, he started writing songs that caught the attention of EDM labels across Europe. At the age of 20, he moved to Scotland and then to the US to further explore music and his songwriting career.

In 2018, Jonathan returned to Stockholm to focus on perfecting his craft. Since 2019, Jonathan has been primarily writing music for Asian markets, cementing his status as one of the most sought-after topliners in Stockholm. His commitment to crafting perfect lyrics and melodies continues to be an inspiration for many of his peers.

In 2023 Jonathan B-T signed to EKKO Music Rights as an exclusive songwriter and is collaborating with some of the biggest K-Pop writers in the world.

No matter what genre or artist Jonathan is working with, his talent shines through every time. He is an immensely creative songwriter who brings energy and infectious hooks to every project. With his dedication to excellence, he continues to make a name for himself.